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Wendy’s is an American fast food restaurant chain founded by Dave Thomas in 1969, in Columbus, Ohio. Wendy’s specializes primarily in hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, French fries and beverages, including the Frosty. As of 1999, Wendy’s was the world’s third largest hamburger fast food chain following Burger King and McDonald’s.

Radcom Solutions is the industry leader in providing Wireless Restaurant Drive-Thru Headset Systems, Repair, Installation and Service for Wendy’s  Restaurants. With a variety of brands to choose from and Radcom’s expertise necessary to optimize the functionality of wireless drive-thru communications, your restaurant can focus on the important functions of your drive-thru business – servicing customers quickly and efficiently.

Why Wendy’s Chooses Radcom Solutions?

Wendy’s is a leader in hamburger drive-thru service and only employs the best drive-thru technology. Wendy’s is known for having reliable drive-thru systems that allow their employees to service customers, quickly, efficiently and clearly.

Radcom Solutions has over 15 years of experience installing the right types of systems for all types of drive-thru businesses. The needs of Wendy’s are no different from other customers Radcom Solutions has serviced. Customers of Wendy’s desire clarity and accuracy, while employees require ease of use and a user-friendly interface so that when problems inevitably arise they are easier to solve.

A Wide Range of Drive-Thru Systems, Repair, Service and Installation for Wendy’s Restaurants

Besides the peace of mind offered by having the best wireless restaurant drive-thru systems, repair, service and installation in your Wendy’s Restaurant, Radcom services and installs a wide range of restaurant systems to fully enhance the operational capacity of your restaurant. Some of the systems we offer are:

  • Restaurant Drive-Thru Headset Systems – Allow your staff to communicate in a highly efficient capacity with your customers. Having the clearest, most reliable restaurant drive-thru headset systems is proven to increase profitability as customers will appreciate the efficiency of a great drive-thru experience. Radcom services and installs the cutting edge technology of PAR drive-thru headsets, HME drive-thru headsets and Panasonic drive-thru headsets to help maximize drive-thru efficiency.
  • Restaurant Security Cameras – Having the right security cameras installed by Radcom Solutions speaks volumes to how serious you are about the safety of your customers and employees. Radcom services and installs (INSERT BRANDS HERE) Security Camera Cameras.
  • Restaurant Drive-Thru Timers – Delphi Display, Everbrite and Texas Digital OCU Restaurant Drive-Thru Speaker Post Systems.
  • Restaurant Security Systems – When it comes to protecting your restaurant from unauthorized intrusions, choosing the right security system can make ALL the difference.  Radcom Solutions will guide you through choosing the right layers of security for your business. Radcom services and installs (INSERT BRANDS HERE) Security Camera Systems.

Take the first step in having the drive-thru experience that both your customers and employees appreciate by installing the best drive-thru headset systems on the market today.

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About Radcom Solutions:

Radcom Solutions headquartered on beautiful Long Island, NY is the industry leader in Wireless Restaurant Drive-Thru Headset Systems, Installation and Service for your restaurants communications. In business for more than 15 years, Radcom Solutions is the top nationwide authorized dealers for HME- 3M & Panasonic, the leading manufacturers of wireless drive-thru headset systems, equipment and peripherals. Radcom has certified, experienced & professional technicians to quickly service all your drive-thru equipment needs.